Playing Catch

One of my favorite activities is playing catch with my sons.  When we aren’t having blizzards in Chicago (Grrrrr!) – meaning in the nice months of April – Ocotber, when I come home my boys meet me in the yard with my ball glove and we have a catch.  It is one of the highlights of my day.

But do you know I am tempted to play catch with God too?  Here’s what I mean – the Bible tells me to cast (throw) all my anxieties to God, because he cares for me.  So I should throw all my worries, anxieties, and concerns to him… that is a skill I am still learning.  I tend to want to hold on to them.  When my five year old throws the baseball, he screws his face up in this look of concentration, and then heaves the ball with all his might to try to get it to me.  He puts everything he has into it!  And I catch it.  I have to learn to throw all my concerns to God with the same level of effort – get rid of them!  Then don’t "catch" them back (not that God would throw them, but I still try to catch them).

I didn’t have good times of playing catch with my father… which is why I make sure they happen with my sons.  But god still wants to play "catch" with me everyday.  I just need a better throwing arm!


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