God behind me

Still recovering from the flu… this bug has run through my whole family – NOT FUN!

Had a lot of Bible reading time as I have recovered.  I have been studying a passage in Isaiah 30 that relates to my life right now…

God says that when we have times of affliction and suffering (the text calls it "eating the bread of adversity and drinking the water of affliction – this really captures what it feels like to walk through tough times, doesn’t it?  Eating and drinking the pressure) God will make himself known, He won’t hide.  But when pressure hits, when I am eating the bread of adversity, I REALLY want to hear from God.  I get focused on getting the pressure off, the adversity gone, and without meaning to I can stall – go nowhere – while straining to hear what God is going to do to get me out of it!  That is why I love the passage in Isaiah 30:19-23… God says that He won’t hide from us, but that we will hear his voice behind us, guiding us, as we turn to the right or the left. 

Listen up pastor, Christ follower, seeker of things spiritual, friend… did you catch that?  God’s voice behind us? In other words, he will be right there, whispering in our ear, but we have to keep walking, blazing a trail!  Try something – turn right, turn left, but DO something!  And God will be right there, letting us know if its the way to go.  I often want God to be in front of me… "Chris step here… step here…" but I don’t read of Him doing that.  I do see many examples of His still, small voice guiding as AS WE MOVE, however.

If you are eating the bread and drinking the water of pressure right now… keep walking, keep moving, TRY something.  And listen for God’s voice, whispered right over your shoulder, "This is the way – go here". You never know what God is doing upstream in your life right now! 


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