Don’t Crow

This last week I had a couple drive an hour from another Chicago suburb to my office on the pretense of meeting with me to ask questions about the church.  In reality, they believed they were on a mission from God to tell me what a rotten sinner I am and to critique my church… and they have never even met me!  They had heard of some of the things we are doing at The Star, and one of their relatives had taken another step toward faith at one of our weekend services… and they figured that if THAT relative could begin to understand/agree with the gospel, than the church explaining the gospel MUST be hell-bound!

Why do I share this?  Because someone will always be slinging rocks at you.  The moment you decide to do anything other than mundane stuff for God, you get targeted.  People will question your motives, your character, and everything else.  When it happens (assuming you have a group of people around you to keep you accountable who love Jesus, love the church, and love you) know it is a sure-fire sign that you are dreaming God sized dreams.  And don’t shoot back!

I heard a preacher explain it this way – when an eagle is harassed by a hawk or a crow (dumb crow!) the eagle doesn’t get in a tussle… the eagle simply spreads his wings and climbs higher.  He soars on the uplifting thermal energy above what his critics can climb.  If you are leading a church, leading a family, leading a classroom or a boardroom, whatever… KNOW that you will be attacked.  KNOW that crows and hawks will attempt to get you down on their level.  And KNOW that the only SMART solution, the only Godly solution, is to soar higher on the positive energy that God gives.  Spread your wings baby… with God you can reach an altitude you never dreamed possible!


One thought on “Don’t Crow

  1. Just remember, got uses “dented” people, and I know a bit about those slings and arrows:)… as far as mundane, yeah, my life looks mundane to the outside world… taking care of my family, taking care of my elderly parents, guiding my adult kids when they ask for advice, healing in my own life that’s just gonna take TIME, but I know in God’s eyes, these achievements are huge. Rock on, bro

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