DST Grumble

Just lost an hour’s sleep – and I haven’t even closed my eyes… I REALLY dislike Daylight Savings Time!


One thought on “DST Grumble

  1. Dear Chris,

    I will never look at a apple again the same! Your spirtual pictures you give are in depth,it feds the hungry and encourges those who are thirsty!
    WOW I sat with my sister, brotherinlawand & newphew. First I whatch my 16 old newphew sit slouchy back ,arm carelessly hanging back gently swaying not a care in the world…. HA , “At that age trying to be cool at times is important”
    As you started to speak from commuion to the multiple Spirtual pictures you gave,an act out,puts so much depth and understanding. One who is listening can draw back to your sermons in so many ways it makes a person hungry to feed on God’s ways in there life.
    Back to my newphew every five minutes you taught ,his body outwardly was shifting at the end of you teaching he was leaned so far forward he was agaisnt the chair in front of him ,elbows on his knees, hands were on the side of each check clenched, with his head not wanting to miss or move in case he missed something,….. he was getting it!!!!!! The discription of my newpew perfectly discibes how annointed and focus you on your mission to teach God’s people.
    One more thing my brotherinlaw isn’t easy moved he has heard a lot of preachers his coments are far and few. After he heard you teach , he said “Tina do you know who James McDonald is?” I said no, he then said ” your Pastor Chris speaks like him he is one of the top preacher his style is top notch!!”
    Thank you !! May God bless you allways Joy in Jesus Tina Zentmyer

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