Greenville Grub

I am deep in the heart of…. South Carolina for the Unleashed conference.  I traveled east on the plane, but south culturally!  Great southern hospitality (the hotel was giving away free Budweiser on ice as a welcome to all guests! Never seen that in Chicago) and great southern cooking awaited us on our arrival to Greenville.

Seems like everyone recommended Sobys as the place to eat… and boy were they right!  Scott, Ken, and I feasted on some of Greenville’s finest offerings.  I started with a southern must… fried green tomatoesDscf0153

and BBQ  shrimp served over grits.Dscf0152

The soup was some of the best ever!  Dscf0154
Fried green tomato soup, with crawfish bits in it, all very spicy and very good.  Then I had one of the nicest cuts of beef ever served!

We topped if off with a visit to the Coffee Underground, a cool indy coffee shop located (where else?) on coffee street!  This back alley coffee joint serves up homemade deserts (the Trigger pie was sinful!) and espresso shots in a cool brick work meats beatnik environment. All in all a great start to our Unleashed trip!


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