Unleash Reflections

Perry Noble and the crew from NewSpring did a fantastic job with their first conference.  If you don’t know the story, check out NewSpring’s website… here are a couple of thoughts about Unleash:

  • One of the things that has made both Perry and NewSpring so successful is Perry’s passion.  He brought that in bucketfuls at the conference.  You can’t be here and not get pumped up about ministry!
  • The conference was VERY authentic… kind of fresh and raw (in a good way).  The breakout sessions were all Q&A and very valuable.  The staff did a great job of responding to a wide range of questions – which meant each experience was custom tailored to the audience’s needs.
  • The volunteers were off the chain!  We were greeted like it was the Oscars (a line of black shirted volunteers applauded the arrival of every Unleash attendee).  Then once inside, I was personally greeted 15 times by name by a NewSpring volunteer in the one-day event.  They were EVERYWHERE and were great at anticipating needs.
  • NewSpring has a contagious culture.  It’s all about the culture, and NewSpring just feels good!  Perry has done a GREAT job!
  • The worship was fun (and yes – one huge goal of worship is fun!).  The sub-woofers in the room were making my pant legs move!  (I have never used that expression to describe a worship experience before:-)

Here are a few photos of yesterday’s highlights:



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