Jedis in training


I have a lot to learn about the art of raising sons!  But one thing I do know, while little girls want physical affection in hugs, kisses, and tickles, boys want to punch, trip, and sword fight.  I came home tonight with light sabers for the boys and was immediately ambushed by three Jedis in training… it was their way of saying "Tell us we’re important Dad!  Tell us we mean something!"  And so, I was hacked, slashed, stabbed and jumped on – and they heard once again how much their Dad loves them.

One day I’ll be too old to sword fight but they’ll remember nights like tonight.  And hopefully, they’ll know they were beloved sons!



One thought on “Jedis in training

  1. “Hacked, slashed, stabbed and jumped-on”? I think that’s why I quit my job. Looking at the pictures, I’m not sure who’s the bigger kid! Your boys are lucky to have such a cool dad.

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