I’d go to jail for this…

A California lawmaker is trying to make it criminal to spank your child! Are you serious?!? The law would impose jail time for spanking a child 3 and under.  I understand a debate about when the age for spanking should begin, but THAT SHOULD BE A PARENTAL DECISION.  Besides, what is a spanking, legally?  Does a hand slap count?  A swat through a diaper? 

I have spanked my boys… not beat them, not abused them, but spanked them.  I am not normally an activist about this kind of thing, but this makes me froth at the mouth!  How I raise my family is between me, my wife, and God… unless they are being abused, the government should stay the heck out!

I’m climbing off my soapbox now… but I think I know an assemblywoman who needs a spanking!


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