(not so) Dry Run

Spring is here officially!  I am from southern California and lived briefly in southern Texas – I am convinced that somewhere in the scripture God says winter is of the devil!  (Don’t email me… I AM going to find the reference for it!)

One of the best things about the warm-up is I can begin running outside again.  Treadmill running is easier on my joints (I broke my leg in a running-induced stress fracture two seasons ago), but it is sooooo boring.  Running outside refreshes my body AND soul – I love the outdoors.  I did a quick 2.5 miles this morning, in the mist, fog, and rain, and it was great! 

At the start of this new running season, I am off to Dick Pond’s running store for a new pair of kicks.

What do you do for exercise?  Forget HDL/LDL, trans fat, even what your scale says… get out and move just for what it does for your soul… for the way it brings you closer to God!  Get off the computer, get outside, and DO SOMETHING!   


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