Just today I re-read Dean Karnazes great book Ultra-Marathon Man.  If you haven’t read it, its a pretty good, albeit quick, read.  This guy doesn’t just run marathons… he runs ULTRA-marathons of a hundred miles and more.  I could fairly sum up the book with these words: just keep going.  The secret, he writes, to running insanely long distances is to just keep going… running, walking, crawling – whatever it takes!

I can’t help but think that one of you reading this right now is thinking of throwing in the towel… on your marriage, your dream, a ministry – something.  Don’t Quit!  Sleep in separate rooms if you have to, take a demotion, send the kids to boarding school (kidding) (not really)  – make whatever changes you need to that God leads to toward, but keep going.  Sometimes we think that if we can’t keep going THIS WAY, or THAT WAY it is better to just quit.  But it isn’t!  Do it your way!  Break some rules.  Make someone upset – but do what needs to be done… and keep going.


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