the Heart of it


It’s so nice in Chicago today, I took an extra long run before heading to the office… and I started thinking:

Ok – so believers in this country are FINALLY waking up to the fact that their bodies are the temple of God.  God cares about your body!  Well, if God says your body is the "new temple" then where is the holy of holies?  Answer: Your heart!

Galatians 3 tells us that God lives in our hearts.  The place where you can meet God is your heart.   Of course in biblical times, the priests kept the holy of holies, well, HOLY! (Suddenly having a pure heart seems a lot more important!) But they also kept it in good order.

Some might charge that this is a bad hermeneutic (hermeneutic means the way the scriptures are interpreted or applied) but I think that if God lives in our hearts as believers, and the heart is the holy of holies, we probably better see to its welfare.  Heart (meaning soul) and heart (meaning cardiac) aren’t always the same thing… but is that an excuse?  Care for your heart – keep it supple, humble and holy.  And keep it fit, healthy, and strong.

Fuel God’s temple well… exercise to bring glory to Him.  It’s not about what you look like – it’s about worship!   Corinthians tells us that how we treat our bodies is the ultimate expression of worship.


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