Spring thoughts

My lawn is turning green, motorcycles are everywhere, and my sons are running around outside again… it must be spring!  A few thoughts:

  • It is said that in spring, a young man’s thoughts turn to love… but several of my friends thoughts have turned to motorcycles!  Three of my previously non-riding friends are buying motorcycles (I just went yesterday to test out a bike for one buddy who doesn’t yet have his license).  Gotta love life on two wheels!Menhate_2
  • I just finished reading this book… while I have a couple of nit-picky issues with it,
    overall it is a great read with a great premise – the church has to get MUCH more intentional about putting masculinity back in faith.
  • I’ve got this duck that has taken up residence in my yard… it’s kind of cool really, as I see it in the morning and when I come home from the church.  Makes me feel a little like Tony Soprano!
  • TGIF!  My day off!  Going to go spend time with my boys, my wife, maybe take a bike ride… I’m outa here.

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