Change For A Dollar

Long couple of days (Sundays and Mondays always are)!  We had a great weekend at NorthStar.  Concluded our Seeds series with a talk about inviting people into your story and into the church. 

As you know, I serve with a wonderful team at The Star… and the staff and I came up with what we think is an original Easter outreach idea that we used yesterday.  We invited our attenders to bring single dollar bills to church, and then we attached invitations to Easter to those dollar bills (the church had over a thousand singles to add to the pot as well).  The idea is that our members will go about their lives this week "dropping" dollars in check-out lines, parking lots, and hallways throughout their day.  Why?  No one can resist picking up money!  And on that money is an invitation to our Easter services where we will start our confessions series.  People at The Star loved it!  We called it ‘Change For A Dollar’ and I think we are going to see some new faces this Easter because of our people’s faithfulness!


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