Daddy Day

Tomorrow morning is Daddy Day with my youngest son… and in case your wondering, I’m still married!

Most of the time when I tell people I have Daddy Day they think I am a divorced father and that I am referring to my court-appointed time with my sons.  Nope – why wait for a divorce to have appointed time with the boys!  (Besides, divorce is not an option for Jen and I…she is still putting up with me, bless her heart!)

Every Wednesday I take Charlie (2) out for some one on one daddy time.  Jacob (5) is Saturday and Michael (8) is Friday.  Sometimes we go somewhere special… sometimes I do skill building (last week Michael made his firs bank deposit all by himself)… but we always spend time together.  They look forward to the time every week, a time when they know they have Dad all to themselves.  And I really love it – undivided attention with each of my sons.

I don’t have the code cracked on this fathering thing, and I have a lot to learn from you veteran fathers, but I believe that my Daddy Day investments will pay dividends down the road!


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