Learning from Tiger Woods


…and I don’t golf!  Micro Persuasion posted a great discussion of how online influencer’s can learn from one of the greatest golfers that ever lived – Tiger Woods.  I think the same principles apply to leaders in general.  Click here for the link, but here is a summary of key traits among influencers:

  • Know and develop your natural talents.  Why focus on your weaknesses?  Know what you do well and improve on that!
  • Know and pursue a clear dream that is compelling and inspiring.  You don’t have to have it all together to dream… dream a God sized, world changing dream and work toward it every day.
  • Assemble your team carefully.  What?  You don’t have a team?  Sure you do.  Who do you aspire to be like?  Who supports you?  Inspires you?  Critiques you?  Choose these people carefully.  Who you run with does impact you who become.
  • Be confident.  The more I live, the more I know this to be true.  The old motorcycle defensive riding anagram SIPDE works in life – Scan your environment, Interpret your surroundings, Predict outcomes, Decide on a course of action, and Execute with confidence.
  • Concentrate – Focus on the Front Sight.  Being able to focus intensely when you must execute often separates influencer’s from those still learning.  Concentration takes effort and practice.  Distractions come in all forms!
  • Let your actions do the talking.  More than what you say, think, or even believe (did a pastor just say that???) what you DO defines your future, influence, and life.
  • Be cool.  I don’t mean hip or trendy.  I mean invest in people… give back, be gracious, and be thankful.

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