Weekend Wrap-Up

I was reminded this last weekend about the quality of the team I serve with at The Star

The Haubners are a wonderful couple on staff over Family Ministries.  They put together a great experience for our children Easter weekend… even though they found themselves unexpectedly short-handed just a couple hours before service began!  They worked with their available volunteers and were able to make Easter a rewarding and educational experience for our children!

Easter itself was fun… I was able to meet a lot of people who are not regulars at NorthStar.  I spoke about the fact that we all have doubts… and confessed that even as a pastor, I have times I doubt God.  You can listen to the weekend here

Other weekend highlights:

  • I took my wife out on a date Friday night with a couple we are friends with that we haven’t seen in a while.  We then went to Magnums for dessert and got to listen to Stan Karcz, a musician at NorthStar, who plays there on Friday night (he is SOOOO good!).  Jen even sang with him!  I hope to have some pictures coming soon – What a great time!
  • I took my oldest son out to buy a coat for easter… man he is growing up quick!  Kids are a blessing from God!
  • The Soprano’s last season began Sunday night… who has the scoop?  What’s going to happen to Tony?

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