A Frayed


I am going to be speaking this weekend about how I tend to worry… it will be the second talk in our Confessions series.  Worry and fear are all really the same emotion: focusing on all that could go wrong, might blow up, or maybe explode.  Meditation on the negative.  It’s all toxic and nasty… that is why I have "Fear Not" tattooed on my shoulder.  A daily reminder to myself that God didn’t give me a spirit of fear, that anything I am worrying about is something I am wasting time over…

More often than not, fear makes my situation worse.  My fear of what might happen can make me over-react, act to quickly, or not act at all.  In truth, I think I am sometimes more fearful of FEAR than any outcome (FDR was right!).  Worry then eats away at the soul, making a mid-day snack of peace and joy. 

Here’s what I do know though… Fear can be useful, if I harness it and beat it back.  Fear points my heart at the area of my life that really needs God to show up.  Fear identifies the battle lines in my life where I need to marshall my forces (prayer, accountability, planning, etc.)  Fear opens the door for me to rely on God to do something really huge.  Without fear or worry, would I pray as much or with the passion that I do?  I would hope so, but I doubt it.

What are you afraid of?  That is God’s neon sign "You need me here!".  Don’t run from your fears – like a lion they will only chase you down.  Turn around – man or woman up – and face them.  Ask God for the courage, passion, wisdom, grace, and resources to beat them down.  And the next time you feel fear or worry – use it.  See the big neon sign and attack it.  If you haven’t tried it before, pray about it – it works!  The Bible says, don’t worry about it – instead pray about it.  And watch what happens.


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