My sistine chapel

My youngest thinks he is Michelangelo… you, on the east coast… stop laughing, it’s true!

Let me explain:

What do you get when you put this:Sharpie 

into the hands of this guy?Dcp_2289             

You get this on your walls!Scribble1 

(Don’t worry parents – Thanks to a compassionate webmaster at Sharpie, I learned that Sharpie brand marker cleans up off of semi-gloss paint with a little rubbing alcohol and a "magic eraser" cleaner.)

So, like I said, my youngest thinks he is Michelangelo!  As long as he lays off the ceiling and sticks to walls, I will be keeping the magic eraser people in business!


One thought on “My sistine chapel

  1. I had a cartographer in the making. My oldest was about 4 and was in the basement. He was way too quiet for way too long. When I got downstairs, he had drawn a beautiful map of whatever it was that was going on in his 4 year old brain at the time. I had to pretend to be upset, when in reality, I was truly amazed at his imagination… certainly would have preferred that he drew it on paper instead of the entire basement floor and walls:) Wish I would have thought at the time to take a picture of it… and now that baby is getting married in 4 weeks!

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