I don’t know how else to describe how I feel… over thirty dead in Virginia.  A young man so hurt, so confused, so sick of heart, soul, and mind, that he kills indiscriminately…

Who did what?  When did they do it?  Who showed up or said that, or did the other… now the news covers all the details leading to the event… the sequence, it is what they can report.  Because they can’t report that this person, this hurting person, hurt people.  Period.  That somewhere this soul detached from humanity and decided to inflict pain, death, torture for some unknown reason.

People often ask at a time like this where was God?  I ask the same thing… with a twist.  God has always decided to act through humans, through followers of his Son since the first easter.  God on this planet is supposed to be evident everywhere a Christ follower walks and talks.  So where was God?  Where were the people around this man – did they not see?  Did he not ask for help?  Who knows.  But this reminds me  in a BIG way that my life, my decisions, my minute details ripple…

God, this seems so huge I can’t get my mind around it.  So many lives, so many people impacted by this horrible, twisted, confusing, deceived act… It is hard to imagine you are big enough to embrace it all.  But I know you are.  So I choose to look to you in this, to begin to see the way that through even THIS you will work for good.  And I pray that I am part of the solution, part of the hope.  Because otherwise, I am just SICK…


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