Rick Warren at Q


Ok – I’m on a break from Q (we are gonna go far into the evening tonight).  Rick Warren was one of the mentors/presenters/discussion leaders today.  Then he hung out, talked, took notes – just one of the guys!

I was talking to Rick about The Star, asking questions, getting some advice and Rick, wanting to pray and stay in touch, asked for my business card.

    "Uh, Rick… I don’t have any cards"

    "You should Chris – so when someone like me asks for one you can give it to him!"

    "Doh!" – Maybe I’ll run to Kinkos and get some cards made up!

Seriously, Rick was very encouraging and gave me some great advice.  The Tabernacle is a great venue, and the discussion leaders are very engaging.  Long hours, lots of thought provoking stuff… I’ll post a bunch of picture later tonight or tomorrow.

Just a few of the topics we are touching on: consumerism, future-culture, church-culture, world population growth, modern human slave trade, the church’s response to a hurting Eco-system…

More from Q later!


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