Q Day 1 – Wednesday pt 1

12 people gave an 18 minute summation of their passions and then took questions.  The first day was like a whole conference!  Here’s a wrap up of the discussion session from Q yesterday:

The venue – The Tabernacle – is awesome!  Q’s founder, Gabe Lyons spoke of his desire to see the church return to its primary calling, embracing culture creation and holistic redemption.  You could see that this burns deep within him.

Andy Couch – Andy quickly summerized the church’s historic postures reguarding culture in America: Early Evangelical (19th Century Camp Meeting), Condemnation (Fundamentalist/Reactionary), Critiquing (Neo-Evangelical – Engage and Question), Contemporay Christian (Copy culture, but lag behind), and finally Consumerism (mass consumption).  He then created a biblical case that the church should return to being cultivators and creators of culture in God’s redemptive model. 

Rick Warren has the best heart!  He reminded us that cultures always change, but that the church exists to meet those needs that never change with a message that is timeless.  That we exist to be incarnational, and that we don’t need to fear the world.  He gave one of the best illustrations I have heard yet: if a sea bass that he ate for dinner can live in a world of brine for years, and still need salt when it hits his plate, it must be protected from its environment.  God called us to be incarnational, and infiltrational, and not imitators or insulated from the world.

Rohr – from Prinsoner Entrepeneue Programs was amazing.  She takes Texas prisoners, teaches them business skills, and helps them start businesses.  She has a 0% recidivism rate amongst her 250+ grads!!!  Her grads become productive members of the business community, learn Godly stewardship, and honor Jesus in and out of prison!

Kevin Kelly – chief editor of Wired Magazine – spoke of the rate and future of change.  I was impacted in the kind of world my sons will grow up in… the world progresses one thousand years in only 13 generations!  We are only 30 generations seperated from Jesus!  Our time is short for redemptive action.

Donald Miller (one of my favorite authors) spoke of the power of story… God’s story super-imposed over ours.  How many of us live as heroes in our own story?  What story are you providing to those around you?  Would people watch the movie of your life?

Jeff Johnson (BET/Rap City) spoke of the penetrating culture of Hip Hop and how a lot of the church has overlooked this cultural language.  Race, empowerment, Voice, and bias are challenging subjects – I was really impressed by Jeff’s ability to translate from one culture to another.

The rest of Day One to follow… (Yeah, there were a lot more, plus discussion/Q&A with each leader, much peer interaction, a concert, and an indie film… I’m wiped!)


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