Campfire Digestion of Q

Had small group around a bonfire Monday night… really cool.  My group is my lifeline – I know I’ve said that before – but Monday night they GREATLY helped me digest Q by asking questions and letting me chew on some of my thoughts out loud.  Here are some of my conclusions:

  • Once again, it was extremely refreshing not to have the conference hosts setting themselves up as the example of how to do church.  No copying of models, strutting, or selling – just a group of leaders asking questions! 
  • No one had it figured out… not a single person asked me how big my church was, or how many "conversions" we had, or any number at all (wait – not true… one guy asked me how many times a week I shaved my head:)
  • The speakers all were 3-D: Deep, Diverse, and Dedicated.  Very rarely do you have such a large group of people offering experiences, insights, and lessons over such a wide scope.  Racism, environmental issues, sexuality, politics, art, homelessness, prisoner recidivism, education, battling consumerism, activism… the list of passionately presented challenges was huge.
  • Q was question, not answer, focused.  I have never had to take this long to chew on the thought content from a conference before, but I will be chewing on Q for a while.  The humility and intelligence of the presenters adroitly addressed some of the questions facing the church today, but didn’t try to give trite, "conference" answers.  The questions are challenging and the answers will be complex.
  • I liked the people… I didn’t meet anyone I couldn’t relate to, talk with, or identify with in some way.  I would have liked to see more racial diversity there… but we were an otherwise pretty diverse group.  But a common love for the church, and a (i think) common agreement of some large challenges facing the church today created a community unlike any other I have experienced.

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