ten dates and counting!


One of my goals for 2007 was to make sure I took Jen on 30 dedicated, just-her-time dates this year.  Jen and I sat down New Year’s day and scheduled all 30 of them out for the year.  Well, last night we went on our tenth one of the year (we spend a lot more time together than just these ten dates, but these are special, dedicated, get-aways for us).  We went to Jason’s At Gray’s Mill in Montgomery and then out to a show.  Jason’s is a GREAT little place, with wonderful atmosphere and excellent food!  It is one of our favorites.  We got all dolled up for our night out, and everywhere we went, people commented on how nice it was to see people dressed up (at the show, one pre-teen saw us walking out, hand-in-hand, Jen in her dress, and me in my suit and hat, and said "Look… they must be MARRIED or something!").  Anyway, we had a blast.  I thank God every day for my wife – I love you Jen!

Guys – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  DATE YOUR WIVES!  They love to be "wooed and pursued", "danced and romanced", and "courted and cuddled"… make sure it’s by YOU!  What you used to win her, use to keep her!  Be God’s agent to love, honor, and cherish… sound familiar?

By the way – the hat I’m wearing?  A gift from my beautiful bride!  A custom made new fedora… love it!



3 thoughts on “ten dates and counting!

  1. Nice hat young man! I am noticing hats coming back on men of your age, and I like to see it. That is a fine looking hat… and your wife is a fine looking lady as well. Wise to date her – I have dated my wife for 41 years!

  2. Jason’s is a great place. My wife and I just went there on our last date, about 3 weeks ago.

    You can get discounted prices for Jason’s through the Radio Shopping Show on AM 1280.

  3. I have always like BB as well. You got just the right one in this case. They used to make their own felt as well when they was Langenburg. I have a lot of the old bodies from back then.

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