mac snapshot

What’s open on my mac right now?  This is a good snapshot of what I use throughout the course of a typical day.  As I write this post this is what is up and running:

Firefox – my browser of choice.  Currently tabs for my GMail inbox, a
Google image search, this post, the Blue Letter Bible, and the English
Standard Version Bible.

LiveQuartz: a great freeware app for the Mac that I do most of our graphic design on.  I just finished designing the series graphic for our next Series – Spiritual DNA.

iTunes – Playing Michael Buble’s latest album "Call Me Irresponsible"

I am also using MindJet (best mind mapping software EVER!), Write Room (a cool little freeware text editor for brain dumping), iCal, and Address Book. 

Gotta love the dock – all of these apps open and navigation is so smooth.  For those of you not using a Mac yet, (you will catch Mac fever soon enough), the dock is a navigational device allowing rapid app switching.  The little black triangle means the app is running/open.

Ok, ‘nough of this.  Gotta get back to work!  Ciao!


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