word up

Many things about God are a mystery to me.  One of the mysteries I love the most is how I hear from Him through the Word – the scriptures.

Sometimes when I need direction, God talks to me through a teacher, mentor, or friend.  Sometimes through impressions – the world just seems to fit this way or that (of course, these always have to align with scripture).  But He also talks to me by directing me to His Word.  I query God and I read a piece of scripture that seems tailor made to my question.  The mysterious part is how that all happens… sometimes I pray for an answer and I barely have the question formed in my mind and – BAM – I have found the answer.  This is not how it goes most often, however.

Usually I wait, and pray, and wait, and look, and ask, and search, and question, and wait… and then when I least suspect it, I find what I am looking for.  That very thing happened to me today – I have been  on my feet, face, and knees asking God a particular question for weeks.  I couldn’t sleep last night – I was exhausted, but just couldn’t sleep – and so I opened my Bible.  At 3:00 this morning, I got my response from God.  In a text that I know I’ve read before, but I SWEAR I’ve never seen…  God addressed my particular circumstance perfectly.  I don’t know everything about how God talks, and I am frankly a little suspicious of people who ALWAYS seem to hear from Him clearly and immediately, but I do know He does talk.  And I keep learning how to listen.

Speaking of His Word – for the last few months I have been using a new Bible translation that I like very much.  The English Standard Version.  If you get a chance check it out.  I will probably dedicate a post to it later, as several people at NorthStar have asked me about it. 


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