Starved Rock Bike Run

Today was the inaugural run of NorthStar’s motorcycle club… a bunch of us met up at Plainfield South High School and rode out to Starved Rock State Park.  We had a great time (even if one of the best riding roads in Illinois – Route 71 between the park and Ottawa – was closed!).

There is nothing better than a warm, clear day; a bunch of great people; good food; and motorcycles!  Christ followers are regular people – and should act as such.  Have fun, play practical jokes (don’t put it past ME to plan a bike ride past a Compost factory – what a smell!) and enjoy life!

Here are some of the shots of our bunch:







3 thoughts on “Starved Rock Bike Run

  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Praise God that we can all get together and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells of this earth. I hope you keep on ridin, as for me I prefer a horse. Your sister in Christ Joyce

  2. Hey Chris – you should come to Shawnee, OH sometime for their annual Blessing of the Bikes ceremony. Hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of bikers come for a special service and then a blessing on the riders and their bikes for their safety.

    Totally random: check out It’s an actual church in Denver Colorado. Some cool ideas.

    who am I? oh yeah….Karcz’s sister!

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