time to horse around

I am taking a break this week… a week off to stay away from church work and be around my family.  We aren’t going anywhere, really – some day trips and stuff.  But we want this week to be about rest.  So we are all sleeping late, and doing what we want.  Some of our activities so far:

  • Took the boys fishing.  I am a pretty serious fisherman, and fishing with an eight and five year old is not a time to REALLY fish, as it is to HELP THEM fish.  But they are learning to cast, choose lures, and string bait.  Some of the best time I’ve ever had with a rod and reel.
  • I am teaching my sons some outdoor skills.  Today we worked on survival fire starting (with proper controls of course).  We worked on string/bow and lens-based methods.  They caught on quick – could be important for them if they ever need to shelter themselves in outdoor emergencies.  More importantly, it helps them grow into confident men – knowing they have what it takes to face the world.
  • We have been previously, and are going again, to our friend Joyce’s stables… she runs a horse rescue operation.  Michael is learning to ride and Jacob is getting comfortable around horses – which have been a love of mine since boyhood.  I have included some pics of our time with Joyce and her animals, including my favorite of Joyce’s mounts… a Clydesdale, Quarter horse mix named Gus


The boys in the pasture learning horse sense.


This is Joyce – making friends with some of her friends.


                                                                                                Michael taking MAB through her paces


My favorite – meet Gus – a beautiful line-back Dun.


Finally (I know Joyce will kill me) Joyce really is a horse lover 🙂
(aren’t camera angles fun – Joyce is a couple feet past the horse in the foreground!)


3 thoughts on “time to horse around

  1. what is wrong with matches. I like matches. Even in the wilderness which I not as fond of I like matches. I confess I do not camp. my fundamental creed of camping: “Camping doing what you do at home except you just make it harder.”

  2. Those pictures were awesome of the children and horses. Thanks Chris. I just love teaching people about these wonderful animals. Thanks again for coming out to the farm.
    Your Sister in Christ Joyce

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