back to it

Had a great week off with my family!  I love spending time playing with my sons, talking with my wife, and reading!  I rarely take the time to read fiction, so I made sure to read these three novels over the break, and this book on disciple making pastors.


Took some time off of blogging (for the most part) and technology in general during the break.  While these tools are good, I find an intentional break from computers, phones, etc. to be life-giving.  If I don’t do it, I soon find my tools have become my masters.  A blackberry is a great servant, but a lousy master!

Even got to attend church with a few friends this last weekend.  It is great to be with folks, new friends and old, and to see what God is doing in other places (even if it is still in Illinois!)

I come back, with a little more energy and a little better viewpoint.  If you haven’t done so already, schedule a time this summer to take a break – your family and your soul will thank you!


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