book look

Doing some studying this morning in an Aurora Starbucks.  In the last few days I have read three really great books, and am alternating between studying for my talk this weekend, and journaling my thoughts about these books.  Click on the images to link to the books.


Leonard Sweet writes about faith in a Starbucks culture.  Faith that isn’t about dead religion, but is EPIC – Experiential, Participatory, Image Rich, and Connective.  Sooo much good stuff in this quick read!


TD Jakes is a great communicator.  While I have enjoyed several of his books, his newest book, Reposition Yourself, surprised me with how good it was (can you tell from the photo how surprised I am? 🙂  A great read about following God sized dreams.


Ronald Reagan kept the only daily diary of any president in modern history… and this book is the edited copy of those journals.  No matter what you may have thought of his presidency, this is a great look at the daily operations of government, politics, and the heart of our 40th president.


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