Interactive Weekend

Some of my favorite books as a kid were the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books – the ones where you made choices about the plot and flipped to different pages depending on what decision you made.  Well, I am going to do something like that this weekend in my talk, the second message in our REAL JESUS series – Keep It Real: The Humanity of Jesus. 

How am I going to do an INTERACTIVE talk?  I invite you to email your questions about Jesus’ humanity to me at (up to 6pm CDT Saturday night), and I will address them in my talk this weekend. (Was he human like me?  Did he struggle with ________ like I do? etc.)  If you don’t live in the Chicago area, and can’t attend services at NorthStar this weekend, submit your questions then listen to our podcast to hear the questions/response.

I am also going to invite everyone at NorthStar this weekend to submit comments, questions, and other input DURING the talk via email and notecard.  Come join the conversation about The Real Jesus – The Real Deal.


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