Amazing how the whole country can be in tune with one man… talk about his life, speculate about his death… and none of it makes a difference in the morning!

Why do we care?  Because the story is captivating.  Right.  Wrong.  Justice.  Blood.  Betrayal.

Because the story has been told in a captivating, engrossing, image-intensive way that sucks us in because we are wired for story.

Maybe those of us involved in "that thing of HIS" (sopranos joke!) need to figure out how to tell that other story… the one that really matters… in a way that rivals David Chase.  Tell the great story of Love,Xtian_2
Hate, Crime, Punishment, Blood, and Betrayal in a way that doesn’t put people to sleep or make us look like loonies.  Tell our story – His Story – in an image-intensive way that sucks others in…

because THAT finale won’t disappoint!


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