Some quick observations…

You know you produced a controversial/effective series finale when the front-running Democrat presidential candidate spoofs it to announce campaign news.  Frustrating or not, very effective David Chase!

Only nine days to the release of the iPhone.  Now, I will not be in line to buy one (that’s a lot of money for a phone!), but I think the marketing behind this product has been masterful!  Even read today that AT&T stores (the wireless service that will support the iPhone) will close for a couple of hours on the first day of sale to "reopen" in grand fashion just for the iPhone!

Are we living in a New World?  Today, one computer had a glitch… and from 8 – 10 am central time, none – zero – United Airlines flights took off across their entire system!  Zero departures for two hours, because of a single computer problem.  Technology doesn’t replace human interaction, but it certainly impacts it!  What will the world my grandkids live in look like?


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