Phor Phellow iPhone-files


Are you in line right now, waiting to get an iPhone?  Do you plan on hopping in line early tomorrow?  Frustrated with the big line in front of you? If so, do I have the solution for you!!!

Craig’s list has a posting (this post was flagged for removal within an hour of my writing this blogpost) for a company called "Over Here Jerks!".  What do they offer?  Here’s the description of their “service”:

“Why pay someone else big
$$$ to wait in line if the only thing between you and the front of the
line is a good diversion? Our tactics are guaranteed to be safe,
effective, and even humorous! With our proprietary combination of stink
sauces and dangerous, exotic animals, two ‘attempts’ in quick
succession works over 60 percent of the time—especially with nerds. You
might even have time to grab a few lawn chairs, sleeping bags, and
sandwiches amid the mayhem! We’ll give it up to three ‘attempts’ before
ever charging you another nickel!

Are they serious?  I doubt it.  Do I think they probably got a lot of hits from interested iPhone-files?  You bet!

Personally, I am going to stick with my Blackberry for now.  Wait for some of the hype to die, some reviews and tweaks to be made, etc.  But if a loud diversion happens outside a Chicago area Apple store tomorrow, followed immediately by the release of live skunk, don’t pay attention to the man with the shaved head and goatee slipping to the front of the line…


One thought on “Phor Phellow iPhone-files

  1. I’m in line right now in SF! I could use a diversion… this line is killer long.

    Sent from my Blackberry

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