Pro Vision

Reading_glassesI remember the swimming pool….

Twenty years ago right now I was in a hotel in the So. California town of Yorba Linda.  My house had been sold, and all my possessions were on a truck bound for Aurora Il – a town I knew nothing about other than it snowed there in winter.  My mom, sister, and I were in this hotel after my dad walked out and we were forced to sell the house and head for mom’s hometown… sans job, new home, or anything.  We were just days away from a cross country drive from the So California desert to our new home in the Chi-town burbs.  It was scary not knowing what lay ahead, not knowing where we would live, where I would start high school.  But I remember the pool.

It was a great place to spend those few anxious days, swimming in the So Cal sun.  I remember reading Bill Cosby’s book Fatherhood, because it made me laugh.  I can’t tell you many things about those days… what we ate, where we went, or what we did.  But I remember the pool – kidney shaped with a dinky little diving board at one end.  Brown and turquoise tiles that lined the edge.  It was if God had taken his finger and carved out a little five foot deep, kidney shaped piece of tranquility in the midst of utter chaos.

We made the drive… in a broken down ’82 Corolla hatchback.  I lived with my grandma for a couple months and then God provided a house.  I started high school, made friends, got on with life… but I didn’t know all that swimming in that pool 20 years ago.  The future was scary, dark, and bleak.  But God gave me that pool… just when I needed something fun, something distracting, something…

With the benefit of 20 years hindsight, I see that God met all of our needs just in time.  We got through the first Christmas (chocolate chip cookies make GREAT Christmas presents), the first year, the first five.  We made friends, we moved on… God provided.  But he didn’t sit down and write me a letter telling me HOW he was going to get all that done.  At 14 years old I began to learn a lesson that I still struggle with to this day… God promises to provide, to lead Step by Step.  One day, one moment at a time.  Only He has the vision to see the whole road… the whole journey.  That is why he has Pro-Vision. 

Even now, as I face challenges this very morning, I want God to show me the 20 year picture.  I want to know what the end game will look like.  But for God to provide, I must trust his Pro Vision.  Step by step, one day at a time


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