Soul Food


I have been studying Ecclesiastes in my bible reading of late… and I see over and over how Solomon writes that so much of this life is vanity, chasing wind, or out of our control.  But he has three exceptions that he repeats over and over… three things that we can choose to truly savor:

1) What we eat
2) What we drink
3) A spirit of joy.

God gave us these three things that are almost always in our span of choice.  Maybe I can’t afford steak – but I can choose to enjoy my mac ‘n cheese instead of complain about it (by the way – I can also choose to make it the old fashioned way with real pasta and real cheese – not the ‘glow-in-the-dark- powder that i am convinced is used to take aliens’ fingerprints).  I can choose to savor my meals; eat them in peace with thankfulness and really enjoy good food.  Eating and drinking are gifts from God!

And I can choose to be joyful in spite of my circumstances.  If I enjoy my food and drink, and choose joy, my day will be great!

Speaking of… I haven’t eaten yet!  Later.


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