Great Book


I recently finished Lisa Jones’ book Mind Yor X’s and Y’s.  This is a great marketing book, but it should be sub-titled: A Must Read For Every Missionally Minded Follower of Jesus.

Lisa identifies the current/emerging generation (18-40 year olds) as the Connected Generation, and identifies 10 keys to capturing their attention and meeting their needs (in fact the actual subtitle of the book is Satisfying the 10 Cravings of a New Generation of Consumers).  While the church does not want to produce consumers, when unchurched people walk through our doors, that is EXACTLY what they are.  Our job, in missional church settings, is transforming spiritual consumers into Christ following influencers.  But we have to engage the spiritual consumer first, allowing the environments we create, and the partnership of the Holy Spirit, to transform them into followers of Jesus who INFLUENCE others.

Anyway, this book does a great job giving specific, action oriented steps about how to connect with this Connected Generation.  I’ll post some of the take-aways a little later, but pastors and church leaders – READ THIS BOOK!


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