X’s and Y’s: Shine the Spotlight


I blogged about Lisa Johnson’s book Mind Your X’s and Y’s.  One of the many great insights into reaching today’s culture is the concept of "Shining the Spotlight".  Here is a great quote:

"The Connected Generation is eager for personal recognition.  They want to make a difference.  The marketplace is waking up to a national obsession that sees ordinary citizens making their mark and rising to prominence.  Whether its singing on American Idol, writing a book or blog, or getting their video to national status on You Tube, this generation longs to be recognized for who they are and what they bring to the party. In response, companies are waking up to the power of personalization and highly engaging tools that celebrate individual’s talents and potential.  Personalized license plates, stamps, even M&Ms are just baby steps…"

A great example is the University of Oregon who replaced all of their top-tier recruiting letters in their sports programs with personalized comic books that they mailed to prospective student-athlete’s homes.  These comic books showed the players face in the Oregon uniform scoring touchdowns, shooting hoops, or whatever.  Over 98% of players who received these comic books (the books came as weekly serials – helping the athletes imagine what playing for Oregon would look like) signed with the school.

The age of one size fits all is over.  Especially in churches, where Christ died for individual people on individual journeys, the power of a person’s story is incredible.  Pastors, church leaders… how can we help personalize the mission of our church communities to engage people in the greatest story ever told…to get them to buy in to the greatest adventure-epic ever?!?  Because as I read the Book, they ARE the star.


One thought on “X’s and Y’s: Shine the Spotlight

  1. I couldn’t agree more about people desiring to rise above ordinary. And maybe not even that but wanting to be known. Lots of “look at me” opportunities now. I found it myself by writing a blog. I have opinions on generally most things and I took the chance that other people would be interested in me, me, me! 🙂 One of the coolest encounters I had as a new believer was when I belonged to a small group. One night a new friend mentioned, “hey, you’re hair has gotten long!” It sounds silly but at that moment, I knew that I was noticed and worth an opinion. I felt like I belonged to that group and it made me want to stick around.

    A long time friend, who used to me a women’s ministry leader, inspired me to want to know how Jesus related to other women individually and to show other women–lately moms. God is genius in how he works in people at the same time yet distinctly as individuals. I wish I had some fabulous way to wrap this up but its past bed time and my kids are this minute demanding some parenting!

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