I’m feeling nauseous…

Leftbehindgames.com has published a new game based on the Left Behind books…

The goal?  To convert or kill as many non-believers as you can in a post-rapture world!  Many Islamic groups all over the world are protesting this game, and asking Wal Mart to stop selling it, because the "targets" have Islamic/Arabic sounding names!

Check out this review in the Sun Times or this one in USA Today:

"the player is assigned to convert or kill the unbelievers left behind after the rapture. The game’s virtual character shouts "Praise the Lord!" every time a nonbeliever is killed."

Leftbehindgames.com has a disclaimer on their website saying that there is no killing in the name of God.  And yet…

Jeffrey Frichner, president and co-founder of Left Behind Games replies to this: "True",
he says, "Players can engage in battle, fire guns, even kill innocents
in the game, but there will be severe consequences. Once you do a kill, it causes your ‘spiritual points’ in the game to go
down, but [if you] pray you’re good to go again.  In fact, you can
win this game without ever firing a shot, using weapons of spiritual
means, such as prayer and worship."

On behalf of Christ-followers everywhere… I’m sorry.  World – I’m sorry.  This breaks my heart and makes me sick.


3 thoughts on “I’m feeling nauseous…

  1. I am No Longer AChristian

    OK, before anyone freaks out, I have no intention on abandoning my relationship with God and nothing about who I put my faith and hope in has changed.
    But, here is the deal. I dont want to be called a Christian anymore. I cannot stand what a Chr…

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