DVR Diary


Who would have thought just a few years ago that the DVR (Digital Video Recorder – TiVo) would be the media index of your home? That I could record shows and movies digitally and watch them at my leisure?  What is on my DVR says a lot about my tastes… so here is my DVR Diary!

I don’t watch a lot of TV… but there are a couple of shows that peak my interest.  I DVR these shows regularly:

  • Human Weapon – the History Channel documents various martial arts styles
  • A&E’s SWAT series – my heart still beats for training these modern-day Praetorian Guardsmen.  On the Dallas Swat series, one of the officers is a key volunteer at Fellowship Church!
  • Burn Notice – Pure mind candy… but one of the best written shows on TV now!  (And GREAT fight choreography!)
  • House – Clever, witty meidcal show about a cranky doctor.
  • The Unit – Based on Eric Haney’s account of life inside Delta.

And some of my favorite movies on my DVR right now:

  • Kingdom of Heaven – One of my top five favorite movies…
  • Bourne Identity/Supremacy – The Bourne books were favorites of mine forever, and the movies are even better!  Did you see Ultimatum?  Awesome!
  • Cinderella Man – Rocky, minus the bad acting… a true life champion
  • Shooter – I love the books by Stephen Hunter and have waited over ten years for the movie. 

2 thoughts on “DVR Diary

  1. I just posted Whats on Your DVR? What does this say about us?
    My wife and I watch a lot of cop shows. But now I look here on your blog and notice that you watch similar stuff.
    I love Burn Notice. Just watched first season off
    The Unit is one of my favorite as well. They do a great job of carrying the storyline right now.

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