New Crackberry and a Blast from the Past


I recently was given (to use) the new Crackberry/Blackberry 8830 new world phone.  I loved my Crackberry 8703e, but this new phone is better in several ways.  I love the trackball, the slimmer form-factor, the removable media, and the ability (if needed) to tether it to my Mac for a mobile modem.  This phone will also work all over the world… although I don’t travel outside of the US all that frequently.  The keyboard is new and I am getting used to it – not sure if I like it better or not.  Verizon’s data network is DEFINITELY faster than the US Cellular network I was on.  I have been asked by several people – Am i going to get an iPhone?  NOPE.  I am definitely a Crack (berry) head!

And as a BLAST FROM THE PAST – US Cellular (Jen and I have our personal cell plan with them – we LOVE US Cellular) just offered for sale…


A BAG PHONE!  Remember those?  In the early nineties, while I was in college, I remember people walking and driving around with these 15 pound monsters.  US Cellular is offering it again as a solution for really remote areas.  Be Retro-chic – get this new bag phone!


3 thoughts on “New Crackberry and a Blast from the Past

  1. Yeah welcome to the bb world check out this link
    awesome info and you can get the gmail app for it and check that on your new crackberry. If need you must have apps let me know mine are all ligit and free(took a while to get it )
    i have the 8800 with built in gps SWEET!!

  2. hey Chris its Adrian Soto

    forgot to add unless you found them some must have apps
    Gmail–got to (on phone)
    BBweather (forgot link has it )
    beyond 411 (great yellow pages app must have)
    Olivetree bible reader– on the go)!
    pinstack forum launcher.–
    google maps from phone.
    hope that helps out chris need any info let me know thanks

  3. A bag phone?? If I remember correctly, that was the step just before my first cell phone…. The brick with attached antenna! Thats a very cool new phone.. I’m just waiting for them to come out with the jumbo buttons, for those of us with big fingers and hands!

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