Chicago is going BATS

If you live or work on the west side of Chicago, pay no attention to the exploding bulding…


That is what authorities told neighbors of the old Brach’s Candy Factory property (near Cicero and Ferdinand) as filmmakers used it as a prop/set for the new Batman movie, filmed largely in Chicago… and then promptly blew it up around 2pm Chicago time.

I love this quote in the Chicago Tribune…concerning the loss of the manufacturing sector from this part of town and its use as a movie prop:
    That wasn’t really on anyone’s mind during Wednesday’s show,         for as
much as people like candy and jobs, they also like             seeing things blown


One thought on “Chicago is going BATS

  1. Awesome – we had a Kevin Bacon movie film at our offices last year (Death Sentence, coming out soon, I think), but nothing blew up. That would’ve been cool.

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