Recruiting and Reproducing (pt 1)


Because of its length, this will be a two-part post.  Part 1 follows:

At the heart of any growing volunteer organization (especially the
church!) are the two critical skills of Recruiting and Reproducing.
And yet, very few volunteers/church members are intentionally trained
and coached on these skills.

Because of a new Saturday Night Service that we are launching at The
Orchard on October 20th, I was  tasked with helping our ministry
leaders meet the volunteer recruitment challenge to ensure that our
Saturday night services are fully staffed and excellent.  So we have
put in place a relatively simple, and yet I think very effective, plan
for assisting all of our volunteers Recruit and Reproduce themselves in
others, in a reasonable amount of time:

  • We are asking a lot of our volunteers to commit to serving one
    Saturday night a month for six months in addition to their normal service schedule.  This commitment to six service
    opportunities ensures that we have trained, qualified, and experienced
    servants available to meet the needs of all the new people who will
    begin attending The Orchard in the near future.  This part of the
    strategy extends our time frame for effective Recruiting and
  • We are asking each of our volunteers to RECRUIT one new volunteer in
    the month of September, and REPRODUCE themselves, by training that
    volunteer, during their Saturday night service opportunities in
    October, November, and December.  Recruiting and Reproducing can be
    daunting tasks for a lot of people who have never been shown how… so
    we have trained over 150 volunteers so far in these two skills!

In part two, I’ll talk about how we train them to do these important tasks in just a few minutes!


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