Recruiting and Reproducing pt 2

This is part two of my Recruiting and Reproducing post…

When we decided to implement our two step plan (see here) to meet our volunteer needs for a Saturday Night service at The Orchard, we had to create a simple method of training our volunteers.

How does a church train its volunteers to recruit new volunteers and reproduce themselves well? These tasks seem disproportionately difficult or challenging to most volunteers – so much so, that many shrink back from the task altogether.

Our solution is “R&R” (Recruiting and
Reproducing), as seen below. The training itself takes just minutes, and we have printed up little “R&R” cards that remind each volunteer of the 3 step Recruiting and Reproducing processes:


  1. Acknowledge a Strength – Approach a potential recruit by acknowledging something that they do well… after all, why are you approaching this person to volunteer? They may be friendly, smile well, really like coffee (if recruiting for our coffee bar!) or whatever.
  2. Align to vision – Who really wants to show up on Saturday night to change diapers? But if I understand that by working in the nursery I am creating opportunities for whole families to be touched by the Gospel, and have their life change forever, sign me up!
  3. Ask really big – How many times have you seen someone try to “recruit” a church volunteer by telling them all the reasons they DON”T want to do this (I know you’re busy, and this idea really sucks…)? Who responds to that? Ask BIG. Church people recruiting volunteers are making the most important ASKS anywhere on the planet! Don’t be afraid of being shot down – ASK BIG!


  1. When the recruiter shows up at their first Saturday night opportunity in October, they will invite the new recruit to WATCH ME serve. “Just watch, and ask questions.”
  2. When the recruit shows up at their second Saturday night opportunity in November, they will be invited to DO IT WITH ME (the recruiter). “OK – you watched last time, now lets try it together.”
  3. When the recruit shows up at their third Saturday night opportunity in December, they will be invited to go ahead and serve while the recruiter says I”LL WATCH YOU. And after each of these three steps, the recruiter is connecting with the recruit, following up, and answering questions.

These three part processes are simple… but effective! And we are seeing tremendous commitment, volunteerism, and motivation in our volunteers, as they get excited about a little R&R in their own ministries!


6 thoughts on “Recruiting and Reproducing pt 2

  1. Good post, Chris. Thanks! I’m curious…do you use the same method (once-a-month for three months) of training for tech areas, sound and media, for example? Have you been able to gauge its success in those areas, yet?

  2. Great process, Chris! Thanks for sharing that!

    P.S. I loved Mind Your X’s and Y’s…did you know Lisa Johnson was involved with a church plant? Pretty cool!

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