Jobs’ iGouge


iPhone users have a real Love/Hate thing goin’ on this morning!  The blogosphere blew up yesterday with rabid iPhone users as Apple drastically dropped the price on the "newest and coolest", moving the 8GB model down to $399 from $599 – effective immediately. The 4GB iPhone is being discontinued.   Said one anonymous poster: "I guess I just paid $200 for the privilege of standing in line and debugging the activation process."  Ouch!  Stinks to be one of the early adopters of the iPhone, huh?

Other Apple news:

  • Apple gets caffeinated!  Announcing a partnership with St. Arbucks, the new iPhone will display a Starbucks logo whenever it is in range of a Starbucks wifi (currently only in NY and Seattle).  Users will also be able to download the song currently playing inside the Starbucks as well.
  • The line up of iPods changed – including the new Touch.  Pretty cool (and the obvious explanation for the removal of the now-priced-out 4GB iPhone).

Added on 9/7 at 1:00pm: Jobs, obviously reading this post 🙂 is now offering a rebate to 8GB iPhone buyers to help smooth this over…


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