No… not that one.  I mean the "son of a King" kind.

One of Jen’s favorite movies is The Princess Diaries.  I’m sure
you know the story… a lowly, common, even nerdy girl, finds out that her
true identity is the princess of Genovia… a far away land.  She must
rise to the challenge, accept the mantle of leadership, and be
transformed into a new person – a princess, or her Kingdom will forever
suffer.  I love these lines from that movie:

“Me, a princess?”
    “You are the legal heir.”
“I’ve never lead anyone.”
    “We will help you to be a princess, to rule. If you refuse to accept the throne then the kingdom will cease to exist as we know it.”                                                    –The Princess Diaries

Central to all of our hearts, at least when we were kids, is the idea that we really are someone else… someone called to something bigger.  A super-hero.  A princess.  Someone who the world needs.  Its only as we grow, and get lost in the "responsibilities" of adulthood, that we quiet that heart-longing, silencing it with the tedium of mortgages and tasklists.  But the reality?  We WERE made for something more – something bigger. 

You (and I) are princes/princesses of the universe.  For those who choose to follow Jesus, our adoptive father is King.  We inherit title, privilege, and resources when he places his royal seal on us.  Matthew 16:19 tells us that we have been given access to the royal territory, and the freedoms or bondage that we create for others here on earth, will have eternal consequences. And the world DOES need us, because if, as Jesus followers, we don’t step up to our God-given roles, don’t bring freedom and life to this planet, "then the kingdom will cease to exist as we know it".


2 thoughts on “Prince

  1. My son JD, is convinced he is a super hero named “Super JD” and he has invited his little sister to become “Super Annaliese”. Its so easy for him to tell her all the great things you can do as a superhero and invites her to put on her “cape”(hooded sweatshirt on head) and do great things too. I wonder if he will be an evangelist someday. Although he’d like to be a pirate, or a scuba diver, or a fireman, or a …

    The other day JD(4) saw my wedding picture and asked if I was a princess and Daddy was a prince. I started to say no but then I thought to tell him, “why yes son, I AM a princess”. That seemed to be a more believable answer to him than “no”.

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