You’re a piece of work!

Have you ever been told that?  Did you know it is a very Godly statement?

Eph 2:10 says "For we are [God’s] workmanship".  The word for "work" there is poiÄ“ma (where we get our word poem).  We are God’s poem. Very literally, you are a piece of work… God’s. 

Here’s where this just wrecks me… Not when I’m skilled enough, smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, successful enough, well-known enough, liked enough, respected enough, popular enough, handsome enough, or feeling good enough.  Now.  No matter what anyone else thinks at this moment.  I’m a piece of God work now,  and I never HAVE to change to be more acceptable. 

I know that… but why don’t I KNOW that… why can’t I live my day to day like that?


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