What does it mean to "connect" in worship?  As someone who spends a lot of time around people engaged in worship, I have been chewing on this question for a while.

When someone says to me "Wow – I really felt that song.  I really worshiped."  does that mean that they  better achieved the goal of taking the focus off of themselves and placing it on God, or does it mean that they simply felt emotionally charged when they heard that song?  For example, when an "oldie and goodie" is played in church, and suddenly people’s hands go up, or eyes close, or whatever… does that mean that they are closer to God at that moment, or are they simply experiencing a memory of the emotions they have felt the OTHER times they have worshiped to that song?

I am not asking this in an accusatory way… after all, I have times/settings/music that evoke more emotion in me than others.  But, am I really WORSHIPING better?


3 thoughts on “Worship

  1. Most of it times, it means their emotions were heightened. Which is not, according to any kind of historical sense of “worship” what worship is.

  2. I’ve wondered the same thing sometimes, and I have to step back and realize that any movement beyond a norm might be “good”, in that it goes somewhere beyond where they’ve been before. If it’s “just an emotional thing”, then at least they connected that way. If it’s just sentimental, then at least there’s that. Just some sparked thoughts 🙂

  3. I have had great times worshiping with my children hanging all over me distracting me from engaging emotionally. But I knew the words I was singing were true and I knew that God was listening and that I was giving him an offering vocally. I have had emotional moments of music as well. And there are times when God uses everything in the music to speak to me or give me a word to pass on to others. The bible says that God inhabits the praise of his people. Does that mean that God shows up when we praise him with our voices? Or is it that we shift our focus from our own stuff to him and can hear him more clearly or sense the presence of the Holy Spirit better? I think there is something emotionally charging about singing the classic song that everyone knows and sings at the top of their lungs TOGETHER. There is something awesome about hearing a group of people praising God with the same song, in one voice. Its a glimpse of heaven and that makes it a cool experience. But it is also easier to sing a song you know and don’t have to worry about getting the words right. That also frees you up to actually worship rather than just sing. Lots of facets to this worship thing no?

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