A Blond Wonder


I can’t believe that nine years ago Jen and I were getting ready to be parents for the first time…

Michael came into the world in dramatic fashion.  After twenty seven hours of labor, the nurse dismissed Jen’s urgent plea of "the baby’s coming" with "but not for hours, dear!".  Then, much to their surprise, in twelve minutes Michael arrived.  So quickly, in fact, that I had to catch him… I don’t mean that euphemistically and I am not exaggerating.  I caught my firstborn.  The doctor wasn’t even in the hospital (still en route) and the nurse was running down the hall shouting "Catch him" and "Don’t drop him!"  Yeah… right!

Anyway, from that first catch Michael has enriched our lives with his witt, his heart, and his easy smile.  And he’s nine now…

Man, do I feel old!


2 thoughts on “A Blond Wonder

  1. I’ve determined that children make your mind & spirit young but your body old. Happy birthday to Michael. He is quite a gentleman. And my brother-in-law had to catch one of his children as well. You’re not alone.

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