Innovate…Lookin’ toward 08

Wow – a busy couple of days, but the team from Orchard Valley did a GREAT job at Innovate 2007.  Here are a few pics I took at the conference:

Granger’s worship team rocked the whole time… what creative people!

Guy Kawasaki has forgotten more about innovation and creativity than most people learn in their lifetime!

Rob Wegner gave a great talk about communication.  Man, can this guy teach!

Nothing like an SNL parody to drive a point home!

And Scott did a great job talking about leading churches through transition.  I was proud of him as he brought the room to tears with his story of transition at The Orchard!  Way to go Scott!  I got a lot of pics of Scott giving his talk… I’ll post more later!

I took this picture after the conference… all of the team "recovering" by grabbing their Macs.  Are we geeks or what?  (albeit – very COOL geeks!)


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