Veggie Tales


No… not those! 

For the last two weeks I have been conducting a food experiment.

I have been eating vegetarian.  Now, I am the LAST person I ever would have thought would voluntarily stay away from meat, but it has been surprisingly easy.  I had about an ounce of fish the other night, just to try my wife’s new recipe, but other than that, I have been completely meatless.

I am still drinking some skim milk, and eat a few ounces of cheese a week, but stay away from animal products other than that.

As sensitive as I am to the suffering of animals, especially the "food farms" that raise chickens, pork, etc for the table (we raised some cattle when I was a boy in California), that is not my primary motivation.  Instead, general health and an interest in this experiment is what is motivating me.  And as far as a self-experiment, it has been really fun!

I feel really good, and have suffered no ill effects.  I CAN tell a difference in how I feel, though.  I don’t know how to describe it other than a little "cleaner".  I know – that’s a poor description, but that’s all I can come up with.

I did my research beforehand, and am making sure I take liquid and sub-lingual vitamins to ensure good nutrition.

I don’t drink soda, don’t eat a whole lot of sugar and sweets, NEVER eat fast food, and stay away from a lot of processed food.  You’d think I’d be thinner 🙂  But I inherited a whacked-out thyroid and metabolism…

My grandfather suffered a massive heart attack in his ealy sixties – I just want to make sure I avoid the same fate.  I want to enjoy my sons and their families… and my lovely wife of almost 12 years for many years to come!


One thought on “Veggie Tales

  1. i was a practicing ovo/lacto (egg & milk comsuming) vegetarian for the later half of my college career, it is amazing how i felt when i gave up the flesh. although i still ate fish and seafood (i can not give up sushi) i stayed away from anything else with a face. i lost a considerable ammount of weight, for which my mom was concerned, but i was probably the healthiest i’ve ever been in my life.
    it is amazing how many options there are for vegetarian/vegan alternatives. BOCA makes the best dang veggie burger i’ve ever had, the taste and texture are almost 95% dead on to the real deal.
    i must say my favorite creation during this time period was a portobella mushroom spinach and mozerella sandwich on 6″ hogie roll! i sauteed the mushroom and spinach in butter and garlic, every now and then i would splash some red sauce on it, it was fantastic! i worked at a deli at the time and my boss liked it so much she put it on the menu! good luck on your new found vegetarianism!

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